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Will Marréwill_marre_light_blue

SMART Power Academy founder. Women’s leadership expert. Corporate transformation architect.

Will Marré (rhymes with “Hooray!”) is the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center which brought The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to millions worldwide. Today, Will’s focus is on developing SMART Power leaders through his SMART Power Academy, keynotes, workshops and his highly successful corporate transformation process. SMART Power is based on gender synergy – how men and women can use gender-based strengths to lead and work together transforming organizational cultures that need to be more agile, innovative and competitive. Will draws from over 25 years of experience creating breakthroughs at the world’s top organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Nike and Gap. He is a highly requested speaker and trusted advisor on corporate transformation, the competitive advantage of women leaders, gender synergy and igniting innovation.

A lifelong passion for change

In 2004 Will initiated the American Dream Project to ignite leaders of the future to develop and find the ideas, tools and relationships they need to create sustainable abundance. This project generated data from over 30,000 Americans revealing their dreams, values and strategies for living a well-balanced and positive life. Will received an Emmy Award® for writing the PBS learning documentary Reclaiming Your American Dream for the American Dream Project. In 1994, Will co-founded the Seacology Foundation, the only conservation organization dedicated to saving the fragile environments and cultures of islanders, especially in the South Pacific.

Acclaimed author & educator

Will is the author of Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner, Supercharge Your Career and Work Like a Genius and Why We Need Women Leaders to Win. Will was featured by the University of California TV (UCTV) for his online course, Turn your Superpower into your Career. Will serves on the leadership faculty of UCSD Extension and is a former Leadership Scholar in Residence of The University of San Diego.

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PENINA GOODMAN – Director of Brand Strategy + Communications

Penina has been generating success through creativity for over 20 years. She opened her first brand firm in Chicago where clientele included Michael Jordan and the W hotel. She channels her creativity to make an idea, product, or company compelling and differentiated. She is passionate about her work and even more passionate about investing in women leaders. As a big picture thinker, she is inspired by the magic that can happen when women and men learn the value of their gender based strengths. She’s thrilled to be working with Will and the Academy team to help women leaders connect to their strengths because she sees that as a conduit for positive change in business and the world.

PAUL SCHWARTZ – Director of Marketing Operations

Paul believes action ignites positive change! As the Head of Operations for ThoughtRocket, Paul handles all day-to-day operations for Will Marré’s action-based learning community that has been designed help to center your life around your personal purpose so that you have enriching work, fulfilling relationships, and a lifestyle of full engagement.

Prior to joining Will’s team, Paul worked in leadership positions across a variety of industries including communications, financial services, health care, tech, and media services. With 20+ years of experience in marketing, product development, project management, operations and customer relationship management, Paul brings operational expertise as well as the ability to improve individual, team and organizational performance through leadership and employee training and development.

Two of Paul’s most notable accomplishments are his client work that was published in “Don’t Just Relate – Advocate,” a book on customer advocacy by MIT Professor Glen Urban and his volunteer work with the Humane Society leading to being honored with the United Way’s Community Heroes Award. Paul has also served on the Board of Directors for the HTMA (High Tech Marketing Alliance), participated in the start-up phase of the BioMed Track for Tech Coast Angels, and been the Co-Chair of the AMA Cause Conference. Paul’s leadership experience combined with his passion for improving lives has made him the ideal lead for all Smart Power Academy operations, IT and technical support, including marketing and website development.



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