“Thank you for designing the Smart Power Academy.
I am amazed how far I have come by just focusing on my
career and what moves my vision forward…
I am grateful for the transformational effect on me.”



Hear an original song written for the Academy and see the magic that unfold at each Smart Power Academy . . .


Dynamic women leaders from all over the country have attended the SMART Power Academy, here they share about their experience . . .

“. . . This compelling and engaging training has delivered just what I need to unlock my full capabilities as a leader. I will now create the most fulfilling chapter of my career.”

Sr. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm

“Will Marré is amazing. For starters—he gets the difference between how men lead and how women can lead especially if they want to lead like women (rather than pretending to be a man) AND get our ideas across in a male dominated (meaning men and women leading like men) corporate culture. He has more positive energy and all around encouragement for women as he believes that we as a global society need to usher in more women leadership to help balance out how we do our work in all sectors.”

Shirley Yager, SMART Power Academy graduate

“One of the best seminars I’ve ever attended…I would recommend this workshop to other women — especially senior male executives — so they’d get it!”

Denise Ellard, Qualcomm Inc.

“The SMART Power Academy has been nothing short of life-changing.  As a young, newly promoted executive, I have found myself with few female mentors or leadership role models. The Academy has shown me the power that women can have in the professional world and the need to increase the number of women in executive roles. On a personal note, it’s also taught me that my gifts are vital and valuable; by honoring those gifts and being true to myself, I can make a meaningful impact. I feel driven to carry the same message to my female peers and hopefully inspire future female leaders in my organization. Thank you, Will.”

Andrea Fegley, Delta Dental of California

“I haven’t felt this energized, inspired and truly “whole” in a very long time!  The Academy sparked my intellectual curiosity, my mental “grit” and my emotional core on multiple levels . . . ”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“Women are steeped in the “need for improvement” at work, at home and in our relationships.  SMART Power focuses on how to engage our natural abilities to improve — with tools, practice, mindsets and behaviors.  We seek holistic plans to reinforce change I have found it here.”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“I am so very grateful to enjoy two graduations this week — Masters of Science in Executive Leadership from University of San Diego and SMART Power Academy.  Both programs are literally life-changing experiences.  One was 22 months and $60k.  The other, 2.5 days…If you want to live the life of your dreams and make it happen get to the Academy today!…I have learned things, and I’ve come out with an action plan that will be tangible and doable, and two years from now, it will be remarkable what I will experience from the two and a half days I invested here.”

Annette Mason, Trilogy Design Works

“I want you to know what a tangible difference you’ve already made in my life and career….knowing now that we women rule out jobs that more arrogant men will go for with fewer qualifications, I did an interview yesterday…The VP of Engineering grilled me on technical knowledge and situational leadership.  Thanks to you…I smiled and turned up the volume on the clinical and leadership skills that are mine.

After the VP walked out, the director told me I nailed the interview.  She said the very same questions had a male candidate shaking in his boots this week.  By dinnertime she called me and said I’d made a great impression and the job is mine if I want it.  Thank you for the clarity and the courage to move closer to living my promise and aligning with my values.”

Sr. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm, Inc.

“I owe you an email of gratitude because your SPA workshop had a HUGE impact on my life (and continues to have an impact every day).”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“Thank you to Will for designing the Smart Power Academy. I am amazed how far I have come by just focusing on my career and what moves my vision forward . . . I am grateful for the transformational effect on me.”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“I have the tools to work with men in a better way.”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“My motivation to attend was to validate why I need to leave my organization. What insight I gained was a renewed sense of passion for what I do and the process to move forward in my organization to implement productive and beneficial change.”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“Every female leader needs to live by the 11 commitments of SMART Power leaders.”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“Truly an amazing experience!  Thank you for being an advocate for professional women!”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“The content of the conference is great.  But what’s even better about the conference is the caliber of women you get to spend 2.5 days with.”

Misty Weltzein, Pacific Advisors

“. . . what I learned from Will was there’s a lot of science that goes into making me who I am, making me good at what I do, and in fact, I gained some insight on why certain things resonate with me that may not resonate with some of my co-workers, male or not. I learned tools, I learned techniques, and Will gave me the confidence that we can do anything, we can be anything if we put our minds to it, that we’re uniquely qualified biologically, psychologically to do these things, and it’s just a matter of working through the noise.”

Carrie Cabell, AIG

“What I do matters!”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“I now feel very confident about my future.”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“. . . I walked away with was true enlightenment as a result of surfacing deep rooted, belief patterns that have been holding me back from achieving success through using my own natural-born strengths . . . Will Marré not only teaches us how to work like a genius; but he embodies the illustrative flair of Daniel Pink, combined with the nutty, food professor personality of Alton Brown, leaving us with the key to unlock the modern day theory of our own personal energy . . . and that’s true Genius!”

Michelle Eggers, Project Manager

“ . . . excitement about the energy that women bring into the workforce and the power that we have as leaders really driving change, driving performance, driving success in whatever capacity we work . . . the sky is the limit for us as women to really be the best that we can be and lead amazing change in the world.”

SMART Power Academy graduate

“. . . mind provoking thoughts, ideas, and issues for me to reflect and work on for myself and my career for a long time to come . . . Thank you again for being a “Pro Women” leader.  We need more Will in this world.”

Anne Chan Mandel, Ed.S., LPC., NCC, National University, Associate Director of Career Services

“. . . I’d like to highlight the fact that it was extremely practical for leaders, for women leaders of all parts of the organization, but more specifically, I highly recommend, that every female leader, whether she’s a leader of a team of two or more, start considering taking this course. It’ll teach you tactical and practical leadership applications to help you and your company be more successful. It was amazing for me. That’s all I can say.”

Regina Schnell, Workplace Symphonies



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