Join over 30 like-minded women leaders for a 2 ½ day science-based immersive and collaborative training. The summit format has proven to rapidly accelerate women’s business influence and career satisfaction. Participants are better enabled to direct their careers and more impactfully lead organizations.


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Watch the women before you who have paved the way.  “She’s What We Need” is an original song written for the Academy to inspire SMART Power women on their journey.



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This is a sample of the program curriculum
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1 wk out Whole Life 360: Request insights about your work-life stresses and opportunities from your boss, colleagues, friends and family. CLARITY
PRE-ACADEMY Your Best Future: A simple exercise that identifies what you want versus what you have in your work and life. CLARITY
 7:30 am Kick Off: Nutritious breakfast and a welcome by the Academy team. The entire Academy experience is based on the science of maximizing human energy, professional performance and personal well-being. ENERGY FOR LEARNING
8:00am Meet & Connect: Introductions and form your Smart Power Circle. COLLABORATION
 8:15 am The Power of Your Purpose: Learn the inspirational leadership and life lessons from our keynote speaker. LEADERSHIP
 8:45 am Work Like a Genius–The Daily Habits of Personal Happiness and Professional Success: Learn the science-based habits and schedule that results in high-performance, stress resilience and work-life harmony. PERFORMANCE + BALANCE
10:00 am Energy Break
 10:15 am Your TRUE Leadership Brand: Align your motivated talents, intrinsic values and personality strengths to understand what you do well that creates unique value. YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION
 11:30 am Bio Intelligence: Experience the new science of mind-body fitness and positive well-being to increase your energy for leadership with the SMART Power sweat-less workout. STRESS RESILIENCE
12:00 pm Healthy Lunch: Enjoy an organic lunch and nutrition-for-life training.
 1:15 pm Women’s Leadership Challenge: Overcome leadership challenges and amplify your strengths of women-centric social-emotional intelligence to increase your impact with SMART Power Leadership. LEADERSHIP
 2:45 pm Social Intelligence: Take a short personal break and go on a Walk & Talk exercise: evaluate your leadership influence and discuss real-world ways to use Smart Power tools. INNOVATION
 3:15 pm Make Your Difference: An actual case of a Leadership Academy graduate who’s increasing employee diversity of a global tech company because of what she learned. Exercise: What difference do you really want to make? LEADERSHIP + CLARITY
4:15 pm Inner “Calmfidence”: Learn the power of mindful-meditation which creates goal clarity and stress resilience. STRESS RESILIENCE
5:15 pm Lead with Your Light: Guided reflection on WHO you are and WHAT difference you want to make. CLARITY: INSPIRATION
6:15 pm Smart Power Circle Dinner: “Draw” your Career-Leadership vision over dinner with your Smart Power Circle.
7:15 am SMART Yoga & Interactive Breakfast: Smart Yoga followed by an interactive breakfast. STRESS RESILIENCE
8:00am Unmasking Your Genius and Making SMART decisions: Vividly see the positive turning points in your own life. Master the three steps to fail-safe decisions. Write a personal wisdom statement. PERSONAL VISION
9:00 am 5 Habits of Smart Power Leaders: Learn and practice the 5 Habits of Great Leaders including Smart Power/5-STAR Leadership skills. Exercise: Use the 5 Habits to achieve your career and life goals. LEADERSHIP
11:15 am Confidence and Persuasion: Learn the six science-based steps that project confidence and persuade others. LEADERSHIP
12:00 pm Healthy Lunch: Join your Smart Power circle for lunch and create an online personal nutrition plan.
1:00 pm Supercharge Your Leadership and Your Career: Create a personal leadership development plan that turns your unique value proposition into a career vision and action plan. CAREER CLARITY
2:45 pm Energy Break: Beach walk.
3:15 pm SMART Power Innovation for Business and Life: Master the Unique Value Generator tool to become a facilitator of breakthrough innovation in your work. Then use the tool to innovate your future. INNOVATION
4:30 pm Energy Break: 15 minute reset.
4:45 pm Change Your Inner Story: How bad do you want to live a great life? Eliminate what is in your way and over-invest your Smart Power. PERSONAL VISION
5:15 pm Stories of Grit: The key ingredients to a fulfilled life as lived by a successful Woman C-Suite executive. CLARITY: INSPIRATION
6:00 pm Dinner Break: Enjoy a delicious La Jolla dinner with your Smart Power team.
I0:00 pm Dream Work: Ask your subconscious mind the best work and life question. Keep paper and a pen nearby in case you wake up with answers.


7:15 am Slow Flow Restorative Yoga: Slow Yoga plus mindfulness exercise to increase daily optimism and focus energy. STRESS RESILIENCE
8:00 am Nutritious Breakfast: Breakfast with your Smart Power Circle.
8:30 am Visual Pitch Creation: Create your 5-minute visual pitch of your future leadership impact and personal strategy for both success and happiness. LEADERSHIP
9:15 am Work Like a Genius 2: Learn the science-based daily habits that are proven to increase both success and happiness. Create your personal daily “Genius” schedules to live by over the next 6 weeks. BALANCE
10:15 am Energy Break
10:30 am Your Leadership-Life Pitch: Present your 5-minute visual “Make Your Difference” pitch to your Smart Power Circle. This will prepare you to communicate your new Leadership-Life plan to the key people at your work and in your life. This is vital to creating new opportunities and generating support. LEADERSHIP
11:45 am 40-Day Success Plan: Start your 40-day success plan with your Smart Power journal and daily video “Genius Practices.” Set up your weekly peer coaching Skype sessions with your Smart Power Circle. LEADERSHIP
12:00 pm Commitment Lunch: All Academy session leaders express their appreciation and encouragement. SPA graduates have the opportunity to state your gratitude, your big insights and express your commitment.
1:00 pm Session Close
40 days Master Your Skills: Continue Smart habits with a 3-minute daily video and a weekly web peer coaching session. LEADERSHIP



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Melanie Polkosky, Ph.D.

Author & STEM Women’s Advocate

Melanie holds a doctorate in Cognitive and Neural Sciences, with expertise in social cognition, interpersonal communication and human factors. She was widely recognized for her work as a user experience and strategy expert for over 13 years with IBM. Melanie has received six U.S. patents and published over 60 professional articles.

Melanie now focuses on coaching and consulting to empower high potential women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professions. She is the author of an acclaimed book, “Uncovering Truffles: The Scarcity and Value of Women in STEM”.She is a wife, mother of two and breast cancer survivor. She loves dark chocolate, wildflowers and time in the mountains.


Julie_Dexter_Berg_smJulie Dexter-Berg

Julie is a classically-trained marketer and senior business executive with over 25 years’ experience driving customer focus and improving the bottom line. She is known as an “absolute truth-teller about customers and markets” and is consistently recognized for success in the areas of marketing, operations, brand and product management across hyper-competitive, fast-paced industries including retail, wireless, cable entertainment, and CPG.

Throughout her career, Julie has been a creative risk-taker – a transformative team leader who inspires a culture of innovation. She is energized by tough challenges and builds teams that deliver exceptional performance.

Most recently Julie served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Cricket Wireless, now the AT&T brand in prepaid cell service. Prior to her role at Cricket, she was the CMO of Supervalu, a $37B grocery retail and wholesale company. She was also the CMO of MediaOne (now Comcast) and was recognized for her groundbreaking branding work for that business. She held executive leadership positions for and U S West/AirTouch Cellular (now Verizon Wireless) as well as Carnation Company (now Nestle).

Julie received her MBA from the University of Oregon and her BA in Business Administration from Washington State University. She is based in the Seattle metro area.

As an Executive Advisor to the SMART Power Academy, Julie has helped shape the curriculum to focus it on practical leadership tools that she knows are necessary for women to be successful in senior level corporate positions.

Kristin Carroll

Kristin Carroll, CEO of Rescue Social Change Group, has a diverse background successfully leading technology, marketing, and non-profit organizations through periods of transformative growth. Today, Kristin leads Rescue Social Change Group, a behavior change marketing agency that works with state and federal agencies, as well as non-profits and leading companies to make healthy behaviors easier and more appealing.

During her twelve-year tenure at ACTIVE Network, she was central to building the tech start-up into a successful IPO and was on the executive bench during the corporate restructuring that took the company private in 2013. Kristin got her start in NYC moving from the big ad agency world to the Partnership for a Drug Free America where she led creative development for the historic $150 million Office of National Drug Control Policy media campaign.

Kristin is passionate about creating strong teams, mentoring talent, and giving back to the community as exemplified by her work with TEDx San Diego, ATHENA Women in Technology, and, of course, supporting the launch of the SMART Power Academy.

As an Executive Advisor to the SMART Power Academy, Kristin has helped shape the curriculum to focus it on practical leadership tools that she knows are necessary for women to be successful in senior level corporate positions.

Kelli_McCauleyKelli McCauley

Kelli McCauley is the Founding Principal of McCauley & Co. She is a leadership consultant, executive coach, facilitator and speaker who works exclusively with high potential leaders in sales-performance driven industries. As an expert in improving leadership effectiveness and bottom line performance, Kelli works with the best and brightest industry leaders, executives, sales management teams and their key stakeholders.

Kelli’s passion is partnering with leaders and helping them achieve their full potential. Her work is founded in research on what separates star performers from average and leadership principles developed at Harvard University. Her expertise includes high potential leadership effectiveness and development programs, talent identification and grooming, and successor planning, identification and development.

In addition to having a highly rewarding career, Kelli is an avid skier and lover of world culture. Bali, Thailand, Italy, Zimbabwe and Botswana are a sampling of some of the favorite places she’s traveled to with her husband, Steven.

Tawanda_Starms_smTawanda Starms

Tawanda D. Starms, Human Resources Director at Thales InFlyt Experience (a division of Thales Avionics), is an accomplished HR professional with over 13 years of experience in multiple industries. She is responsible for creating and implementing organizational development and effectiveness strategies that enable transformation throughout the organization. Tawanda has partnered with Will for over a year on corporate wide SMART Power culture development. She specializes in leadership coaching, talent management, employee relations, organizational design, learning and development. Her value proposition is that she blends inspiration with clear eyed practical action.

Prior to working for Thales, Tawanda worked for Ingram Micro, Best Buy and Taco Bell. So, she knows challenges and opportunities for women in complex organizations. The literally meaning of Tawanda’s name is “we are now many.” She was destined to do organization development.

melissa203x203Melissa Eisler

Melissa Eisler brings mindfulness to the corporate world through her writing, her yoga and meditation teachings, and her personal blog, mindfulminutes.com, where she shares insights into creating mindfulness and life balance in the digital age. Melissa is currently the Senior Content and Marketing Strategist at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, where she strategizes on how to grow participation and awareness of health, wellness, and meditation programs. Before that, she spent eight years at the ACTIVE Network, where she was the Editorial Director leading the content strategy and a team of editors and writers.

Melissa teaches corporate yoga classes as well as yoga and meditation at her favorite studio.  She also conducts meditation and yoga classes to kids and families in the oncology ward at Rady’s Children’s Hospital. Her yoga and meditation practice has gotten her through 10 years in the corporate world, and her experience has helped her to understand her students’ needs. She also understands what it’s like to have a serious career and still find time for mindful moments and deep breaths. Melissa’s leadership experience, coupled with her passion for wellness and mindfulness and her flare for sharing what she’s learned in a practical and motivating manner, make her an ideal contributor to the SMART Power Academy. She will be offering her unique perspective on how to integrate mindfulness into the busy, corporate lifestyle as she leads the meditation and yoga sessions. Melissa just released her first book The Type A’s Guide to Mindfulness: Meditation for Busy Minds and Busy People.

Nicole_Marre_smNicole Marré

Nicole Marrè has been teaching yoga and meditation along the Southern California coastline for the past 7 years. While promoting health and wellness, she simultaneously has managed a demanding PR and marketing career in the luxury industry. Nicole is passionate about teaching individuals the importance of balancing a successful career with mind/body health and spirituality, Through her yoga and meditation workshops Nicole offers tools and inspiration that can support the demands of any profession, including stress management, self motivation and fearlessness. Nicole is sought after for her genuine enthusiasm and dedication in inspiring others to live at their highest potential.




Nick_FrancisNick Francis

Nick Francis has a master’s degree in kinesiology (the science of body movement) and sports psychology (the science of human motivation – performance under stress). He also has university degrees in communications and psychology. Nick has also studied at the Human Performance Institute under Dr. Jim Loehr a renowned leader in performance psychology and positive well-being. Nick’s certifications include:

  • Accredited CrossFit Level One Trainer
  • Accredited Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA)
  • Accredited Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach (NESTA)
  • Certified firefighter and EMT




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